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Steering Committee / December 2012

Steering Committee INSITE – December 13th 2012 (3-5 pm)

Skype participants: David Lane (if possible), Denise Pumain, Sander Van der Leeuw, Claes Andersson, Giovanni Ponti, Paolo Gurisatti


The intermediate report review is focused on several recommendations. We have to consider them carefully and eventually prepare comments for the officer and suggestions for each partner. We are in “emergency” since David cannot work hard and we have to come to a final document before December 19th.

Here are the key recommendations in the overall assessment:

  1. INSITE has not sufficiently pushed for operational follow-ups from events output, neither in terms of reports and contributions to an overall INSITE vision on IT nor in terms of stimulating new venues in social innovation and its links to IT.
  2. Embracing ICT is not currently a strong point of INSITE which should take a broader view on technology and its uses.
  3. INSITE should develop a view how to best develop society with the help of technology without relying on technology to be a sole remedy for all falilures… WP7 has made progress in this direction, but the consortium should improve its knowledge of the use of ICT in social change experiments.


Then there are 7 recommendations concerning the period under review and some suggestions about future work.


Meeting Agenda


3.00/3.30 – General discussion and comments (5’ each)

3.30/4.00 – Comments to overall assessment

4.00/4.30 – How can we accept or discuss the 7 remarks on the work done

4.30/5.00 – Suggestions for each partner and WP responsibilities for 2013


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