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Main S&T results and foregrounds of INSITE

The INSITE coordination action has been organized around a three year long conversation about the Innovation Society and its sustainability crises. The participants in this conversation included scientists, social innovators, policy makers and distributed innovation policy organization (DIPO) leaders. The main focus of the conversation became how to change the way in which European society […]

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Protetto: INSITE Second Phase (March 2013 โ€“ February 2014)

Non รจ disponibile alcun riassunto in quanto si tratta di un articolo protetto.

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Steering Committee / December 2012

Steering Committee INSITE โ€“ December 13th 2012 (3-5 pm) Skype participants: David Lane (if possible), Denise Pumain, Sander Van der Leeuw, Claes Andersson, Giovanni Ponti, Paolo Gurisatti   The intermediate report review is focused on several recommendations. We have to consider them carefully and eventually prepare comments for the officer and suggestions for each partner. […]

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